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Dallas Pool Equipment Repairs

We pride ourselves on being able to perform most repairs in one trip. We are fully licensed and insured to perform the necessary work. We stock the necessary parts on our vehicles to ensure that we can be as efficient as possible. If for some reason we don’t have a part on our vehicle we can call our field support tech to bring us the necessary equipment without leaving the job. It is our goal to provide a quality service as efficiently as possible so that you can get your pool running optimally as soon as possible.

We are a certified warranty station for any pool equipment that we install, including the following brands:

  • Jandy
  • Zodiac
  • Fluidra
  • Pentair 
Pool Equipment Repair - Dallas, TX

Pool Equipment Repairs

We are capable of repairing any equipment on a pool system. This includes heaters, controllers, pumps, lights, motors, filters, cleaner installation, and plumbing repairs.

We are fully licensed by the state of Texas and insured.

Pool Filter Cleaning & Inspections

Pool Filter Cleaning & Inspections

We perform a full point inspection of your equipment to make sure that there isn’t any premature wear and tear on your equipment. This includes a full breakdown of the filter (not just popping the top off the filter) and inspecting every grid or cartridge, manifold, o-rings, tank, clamps, and assembly. We lube all of the o-rings to ensure proper sealing and movement and put it all back together again. We inspect the pool to make sure there aren’t any visible defects and ensure that all the equipment is working properly. If something is not working right, we generally have the equipment necessary on our trucks to fix the issue on the spot if you agree to the repair.


Pool Inspections

Often real estate transactions rely on home inspectors to handle the pool. The problem is they often don’t fully understand what they’re looking at or the specific operation of the equipment. We have the knowledge to ensure that the equipment is working properly and if it is not, we can provide an estimate for the repairs that can be turned in with the inspection. We will visually inspect the pool, deck, fence, gates, etc. to ensure proper operation and safety. We provide a detailed inspection report of our findings after this is done with the estimate. We do additionally recommend a full leak detection and inspection for new home purchases, but this is a separate charge from this homebuyer inspection. Often leaks do not present themselves in a normal inspection and require the plumbing be pressurized and tested.


Leak Detection:

We perform full leak detections and inspections for pool and spas. This involves pressurizing the entirety of your pool system with air and listening to the plumbing lines for leaks. There can be additional charges for floor systems and water features. A lot of times there are no valves on the backside of water features to be able to pressurize them, which requires a capstone or a plumbing line to be cut in order to put them under pressure. We scuba dive the entire pool to check the shell for leaks while we dye test around all the main drains, wall fittings, and skimmer throats. Our technician is scuba certified and trained for underwater detection.


Aside from the detection equipment, we have specialized electronics that go on the edge of the pool that pick-up water loss on a magnified level. This can extrapolate how much water your pool is losing over a 24-hour period. We use this tool to double-check our leak detection and the process so that we can ensure that we have found your leaks to their entirety. We can tell you how much water loss you’re experiencing prior to leak detection and how much water loss after a leak repair. This will help give you peace of mind.