What We Do

The Pool Surgeon is segmented into two major areas.  The first segment involves underground and underwater leak evaluation.  The second area involves computer control and equipment repair.  This page will provide you information relating to the manufacturers we work with and why.  Our selection process is the product of years of equipment installation and knowing how to best serve our consumers.

In short, any repair performed at The Pool Surgeon strives to reflect the approach to repair we would expect as a consumer, with the advantage of our knowledge.  We are your advocate and will protect your interest as a pool owner.  With the endorsement of our equipment manufacturers, all warranties are enforced and performed by our technicians.  We guarantee that when warranty problems present themselves, we will keep our word and our commitment while doing so promptly.  We solve our problems.

The leak evaluation process involves plugging all plumbing lines and hydrostatically pressure testing the lines.  We utilize geophones as well as Fischer electronic controls to assist us in the process of leak location.  In addition, our technicians don scuba gear year round to plug the main drain and check for structural leakage.  This area of investigation involves outlet fittings, main drain pots, skimmer throats, light niches and conduit, and cracks (if present).  In short, if it holds pool water, we test it.  Perhaps, the most comprehensive leak evaluation and equipment report in the industry will be presented at the end of your leak test.  We have total control and accountability, so that we may ensure that your pool no longer leaks when we complete our work.

In this photograph, Cecil is electronically evaluating a deficiency with a computer control.  This segment of the pool repair industry separates the professionals from the novice.  Years of training and possessing the proper electronic testing equipment has become necessary in our industry.  Without this knowledge in today’s repair environment, you will be lost in a sea of wires.  At the core of any good pool system, lies a D.E. filter, proper circulation, temperature and equipment control, proper chemistry and finally a reliable pool cleaner.  Below is our list of manufacturers which we have selected to represent and install.


Jandy AquaLink Controls – This is the most user friendly and reliable electronic control on the market.  This controller displays and allows for total control and function from inside the home.

Hayward H-Series Low NOx Induced Draft Heaters – This heater possesses the best heat exchanger design and reliability in the industry. It also meets the Texas state Nox Emission standards.

PacFab Challenger pumps – Day in and day out, we have found this pump to be the most reliable on the market.  What we like most is its ability to manage debris.  Bigger is not necessarily better.  All pumps should be properly sized to ensure harmony with your plumbing size.

Franklin Electric motors – Franklin has engineered the best water damage control system in the industry.  The leading cause for premature motor failure is seal water damage.  Franklin has the best warranty in the industry because they prevent water damage by their design.

PacFab FNS + D.E. filters – There is no better filter for your pool than diatomaceous earth (D.E.).  Sand or cartridge filters simply do not possess the screening ability of D.E.  This filter is literally ten times more efficient than sand or cartridge.  All D.E. filters require an annual inspection and chemical removal of oils and minerals that accumulate on the grids.  We will track the anniversary date of your filter service and contact you automatically to schedule.

Polaris 280 Pool Cleaners – The Polaris 280 is the most efficient and reliable cleaner in the industry.  If you choose that The Pool Surgeon install this cleaner, you will have an excellent product to help maintain your pool and a dependable company to rely on for prompt maintenance.